Tooth-Colored Fillings in North Platte, NE

Cavities, one of the most common dental problems, are created when bacteria attack your enamel. Previously, dental cavities were filled with an amalgam material, which is a combination of metals, such as mercury or silver. We now know that these fillings don't adhere fully with the enamel, and the mercury may be hazardous to your general health. At Apex Dentistry in North Platte, NE, Dr. Charles J. Boettcher uses tooth-colored fillings made from a composite resin to fill and protect cavities. Dr. Boettcher can also remove old metal fillings and apply tooth-colored fillings for a safer and more attractive treatment of cavities.

Getting a filling with composite resin at Apex Dentistry is generally a quick process. The area surrounding the cavity will be numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize your discomfort. Other forms of sedation may be considered for any fears or dental anxieties to keep you relaxed during the procedure. Once you're prepared, the affected enamel can be removed using a unique dental drill that Dr. Boettcher will choose based on the location of the cavity in the tooth and the level of decay. Once the enamel is treated and the area is cleaned, the cavity will be replaced with the composite resin material and set with a special light. Dr. Boettcher will polish the filling material so it feels comfortable and matches your natural teeth.

At our North Platte, NE practice, we work to provide our patients with the latest advancements in dental treatment. Natural-looking fillings are a dependable and protective option, supplying patients with many advantages, including:

  • Natural appearance that nicely integrates with your smile
  • Swift, convenient procedure that provides years of prevention
  • Prevention against cavities
  • Blocking plaque and debris collection


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Cavities in the teeth may start as a common problem, but it is essential to address them before they become a more significant concern. At Apex Dentistry in North Platte, NE, cavities may be corrected with dental fillings. Dr. Boettcher matches the color of your teeth so you can have a healthy, beautiful smile. If you suspect you or a family member have a cavity, contact us to schedule an exam with Dr. Boettcher.

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