Emergency Dental Care in North Platte, NE

Looking for much-needed relief for a dental emergency is often a stressful, painful hassle. Unforeseen dental emergencies may be caused by sports injuries, trauma, stumbling over a curb, or merely biting into tough foods. Dr. Charles J. Boettcher and his highly skilled team offer fast, same-day care in a gentle environment. We routinely see various urgent dental concerns for North Platte, NE patients, including lost fillings, tooth pain, and dislodged or chipped teeth. Tooth trauma won't necessarily result in pain; therefore, getting your mouth examined for any unknown damage is necessary. At Apex Dentistry, we always make every effort to offer emergency dental visits as quickly as possible.

Needs regarding treatment for urgent dental issues are different for each patient. During your appointment, Dr. Boettcher will thoroughly evaluate your individual concerns before deciding on a diagnosis. Full-mouth x-rays may be needed to look for internal injury, including to the bone, tooth roots, or jaw. Once we determine the severity of your dental issue, we can discuss your options for treatment. At Apex Dentistry, the main goal of an emergency evaluation is to ease dental pain and resolve trauma. We do everything we can to reinstate the function, aesthetic, and total health of your teeth as swiftly as we can. Despite that, follow-up procedures might be required.

Emergency dentistry at our North Platte, NE practice can grant fast relief of oral emergencies, benefiting a person's dental wellness and total health. Here are several critical advantages of emergency dentistry:

  • Saving teeth: Our providers can generally reinsert a dislodged tooth or provide effective treatment choices to retain the normal tooth structure
  • Quick pain relief: Same-day care helps to soothe pain quickly, offering the respite you need during the course of a dental emergency
  • Peace of mind: We are available beyond regular office hours, seeing to it that you have immediate treatment in the event of an emergency
  • Preventing additional complications: Emergency dentistry might work to keep problems from getting worse and decrease the possibility of future infection or damage
  • Quick examination and identification: Patients could be presented with a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis of the issue, seeing to it that the right procedures are performed without delay
  • Treating infections: Our team can quickly treat these concerns, providing the proper care to obliterate the infection and block its expansion


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If someone needs urgent dental care, Apex Dentistry is here to provide assistance. Dr. Boettcher and his experienced team work fast to reduce tooth pain, address oral injury, and dispel the anxiety from emergency events. For same-day, effective emergency dentistry care, call our North Platte, NE practice now.

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