Invisalign® Treatment in North Platte, NE

Straight, well-aligned teeth not only offer a beautiful smile but also tend to be in better health and easier to care for. Dental concerns (including overcrowding of the teeth or a misaligned bite) might also result in future dental health conditions that may possibly affect your oral function, which could be expensive to resolve. To help patients experience the benefits of an attractive, healthy smile, our practice proudly offers Invisalign orthodontics to teenagers and adults in North Platte, NE. The Invisalign treatment process straightens teeth using a sequence of removable, clear teeth aligners, offering a discreet appearance and a simple alternative to metal braces. Discover whether Invisalign orthodontics is a good choice for your oral health needs by scheduling a private consultation with Dr. Charles J. Boettcher at Apex Dentistry.

Invisalign treatments work via a custom series of clear removable teeth aligners that gently move your teeth into their appropriate location. To initiate your care, a North Platte, NE team member will take impressions of your upper and lower arches, which will be given to a special lab where your personalized aligner trays will be fabricated. When these aligners are sent to our practice, we will ask you to come in to pick up your beginning pair and discuss instructions on how to wear them. Your teeth aligners should be worn over your teeth for 20 – 22 hours each day and only taken out prior to brushing your teeth, flossing, eating snacks or meals, or drinking liquids. Following a schedule of 1 – 2-week intervals, you will need to trade your current set of Invisalign aligners for the next in line. We will help you book monthly follow-up visits at Apex Dentistry so our qualified Invisalign dentist can review your treatment results.

Invisalign treatment at Apex Dentistry brings numerous benefits, making it a desirable option for North Platte, NE patients who want to adjust their smiles. These are some of the most valuable advantages:

  • Almost unnoticeable, providing an inconspicuous treatment
  • Lessens pain paired with metal braces, such as sores in the mouth
  • Individualized aligners
  • Produces straighter teeth, leading to improved dental wellness and capacity
  • Commonly involves less pain than metal braces
  • Could treat various oral issues, like overcrowding, gaps, and bite problems
  • Can allow you to gain fresh confidence in your smile and facial look
  • Removable, which provides easier eating and cleaning


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Overcome crowded teeth and enhance a poor bite with Invisalign clear aligners. These discreet aligner trays from Apex Dentistry incrementally reposition teeth to improve a patient's comfort and function while producing a more confident, attractive smile. Reserve your treatment consultation at our North Platte, NE practice to learn more about the advantages of Invisalign treatment or to get started with your orthodontic care.

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