Dental Sealants in North Platte, NE

Crevices in the chewing surfaces of the back teeth usually trap more germs and buildup, meaning they are more susceptible to developing cavities. Dental sealants, a routine part of preventive dentistry, are used to defend the molars from dental disease caused by decay. These thin preventive sealants are created from an invisible or white material that is applied to the occlusive surfaces of molar or premolar teeth. As soon as they're dried, sealants help defend these teeth and create a smoother exterior that is easier to keep plaque-free. Dental sealants offered at Apex Dentistry don't just prevent cavities, but they may also lessen the need for tooth-colored fillings or other restorative procedures down the road. Talk to Dr. Charles J. Boettcher at your regular dental visits at our North Platte, NE practice to determine if you or your child could benefit from dental sealants.

First, Dr. Boettcher will need to evaluate the teeth to decide if dental sealants are the correct option for you or your children. To prepare your mouth for dental sealants, we will clean the teeth to eradicate any plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the tops of the teeth. The enamel is then dried, and a small coat of sealant product is then distributed precisely into the fissures with a small brush. A curing light will be set on top of the tooth, strengthening the sealant covering in roughly 10 – 20 seconds. After every sealant is in position, we will evaluate your chewing surfaces for alignment and give you tips about how to take care of your sealants properly.

At Apex Dentistry, we recommend sealants for many North Platte, NE patients as a further preventive measure for healthy teeth. These sealants offer several advantages for our patients, some of which are:

  • Prevention of plaque and tartar buildup
  • Save effort and cost by maintaining your oral health
  • Notable percentage of protection against cavities
  • Neutral, camouflaged material


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Ward off cavities and allow your loved ones to achieve radiant, clean smiles for years to come. Dental sealants are a reliable, efficient, simple treatment at Apex Dentistry that can also decrease the likelihood of future dental procedures and provide elevated dental health. Decide if sealants are right for you or your children by scheduling a visit with Dr. Boettcher at our North Platte, NE practice today.

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