Dental Crowns in North Platte, NE

Individual teeth that have sustained extensive damage or tooth decay can generally be repaired using a dental crown. Our modern dental office provides dental crowns to North Platte, NE patients to cover and protect the visible portion of a damaged tooth while also reestablishing a more natural function and cosmetic appearance. Dental crowns are customized to blend with your existing teeth and might be recommended to restore fractured teeth, caries, oddly shaped teeth, and other types of oral damage. These restorations can also be combined into an appliance to serve as a bridge or connected to single dental implants to replace a missing tooth. Reserve a consultation with our dental practitioners at Apex Dentistry to discover if a dental crown could enhance your oral health and smile.

The crown procedure for North Platte, NE patients typically occurs within two office visits. During your first visit, we will numb your damaged tooth and may integrate sedation services to improve your comfort level if preferred. When the affected area has been removed, an impression of the treated tooth will be completed and utilized by a professional lab to create your personalized restoration. A temporary crown will be placed over your tooth to maintain function and a natural-looking aesthetic while your custom crown is being made. We will have you schedule a follow-up visit at Apex Dentistry about 7 – 14 days later to have the temporary crown removed and the new dental crown attached to your tooth or dental implant post.

At Apex Dentistry, we know the awkwardness and hardship accompanying missing or damaged teeth. We offer dental crowns as a choice for our North Platte, NE patients who are hoping to enjoy many benefits after the appointment, including:

  • Enhanced overall smile aesthetic
  • Simple, individualized treatment that requires little to no recovery time
  • Can conceal significantly darkened or stained teeth
  • Increased comfort and simplicity of speaking, eating, and expression
  • Durable results that you will be able to keep for years to come
  • Restored strength and use of a cracked tooth


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Dental cavities, broken teeth, and other problems could best be repaired with a crown from our North Platte, NE practice. This type of dental restoration can help protect your tooth from further issues while regaining your normal function and a natural-looking appearance for your tooth. Contact Apex Dentistry to schedule a consultation with Dr. Boettcher, and learn if a crown or another restorative solution is recommended for your oral health.

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