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Poor oral habits in childhood can cause improper jaw development, leading to more severe issues, like crooked teeth. At Apex Dentistry, Dr. Charles J. Boettcher is proud to offer early orthotics and advanced technologies, like Myobrace appliances, to help address the root cause of this issue and improve jaw concerns. Myobrace is a removable appliance worn overnight for a short period daily. A Myobrace appliance can be used to improve various issues, such as nose breathing function, swallowing, and tongue placement, which can help widen the jaw and provide enough space for the proper growth of permanent teeth. Contact our North Platte, NE practice to learn more about Myobrace appliances and how they can benefit you.

When you come to Apex Dentistry, your appointment will begin with a thorough assessment. Dr. Boettcher will evaluate your child's facial features and look for any misalignments or abnormalities in the jaw and teeth. Impressions of the teeth will be taken, and a custom appliance will be made to address any issues found. Once the custom appliance is ready, you will return to our office so Dr. Boettcher can ensure the device fits properly. At-home care instructions will be given, as well as oral exercises that your child will need to do daily to help improve their breathing, mouth development, and swallowing. The Myobrace appliance is designed to be worn overnight and for a few hours daily. It is imperative that your child follow these recommendations to achieve optimal results.

There are several advantages Myobrace appliances offer our North Platte, NE patients. One of the most significant advantages is addressing minor issues before they become major ones. Some additional benefits of Myobrace include:

  • Straightens teeth
  • Lessens damage to teeth
  • No permanent retainers
  • No braces
  • Removable
  • Prevents crooked teeth
  • Comfortable
  • Addresses issues related to airway dysfunction, like TMJ, sleep apnea, and teeth grinding


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Early intervention is key to preventing misalignment and ensuring your child's oral health. At Apex Dentistry, Dr. Boettcher and his team are proud to offer Myobrace treatment to help correct alignment issues and prevent the need for expensive treatments in the future. To learn about the benefits of early orthotics or if Myobrace is right for your child, contact our North Platte, NE practice for a private consultation.

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