Plasma Skin Resurfacing in North Platte, NE

Plasma skin resurfacing at Apex Dentistry is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that involves targeted microplasma technology to remove damaged skin one layer at a time. The plasma skin resurfacing procedure is ideal for diminishing facial lines and wrinkles and for diminishing imperfections, including acne scars, pigmentation, and other problems. Microplasma skin rejuvenation is considered an excellent treatment for people desiring a clearer, softer, youthful-looking complexion. Schedule your skin rejuvenation appointment with Dr. Charles J. Boettcher in North Platte, NE as soon as possible.

While getting your procedure, you will relax in our special treatment chair while the fractional plasma handheld device is passed over your skin, honing in on the chosen areas for enhancement. You will feel the warmth from the handpiece, then cold air from the system's built-in cooling system. The fractional plasma energy helps to destroy damaged and dead skin cells and encourages increased collagen production. Depending on the needs of your skin type, the procedure can be adjusted accordingly. Following your session, you will have a sensation like a sunburn; however, this will disappear after a few days. Your revitalized look will likely remain for five years or more and may be redone as you desire. Though your improved complexion may be long-lasting, it's crucial to remember that this treatment does not halt the inevitable aging process.

At Apex Dentistry, we know that with age, the skin might turn increasingly dry, dull, and lifeless. With plasma skin resurfacing procedures, we give our North Platte, NE patients a chance for rejuvenated skin with a treatment that yields many excellent benefits, such as:

  • Minimized appearance of wrinkles and lines
  • Minimization of pores
  • Enhancement of patchy skin surface
  • Lowered visibility of scars and pigmentation issues
  • Increased confidence surrounding your skin's appearance


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Plasma skin resurfacing offers outstanding outcomes for patients who want a more youthful complexion. If you are considering a plasma treatment and would like to learn more about it and other nonsurgical procedures available at Apex Dentistry, call our North Platte, NE practice and speak to our team today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Boettcher.

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